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05 February 2012 @ 11:22 am
Important announcement concerning harassment at TFS events.  
The Delaware Furbowl is intended to be a fun, social event for all who attend. We're here to make new friends, socialize with old ones, and have a great time.

However, there was an incident at the most recent Delaware Furbowl that is considered unacceptable. Sometime during the event, a female attendee's butt was grabbed and she was later taunted about it. It is never acceptable to touch someone you do not know in a sexually suggestive manner. No always means no.

The Furst State has a zero tolerance policy on this type of issue. Any act of sexual harassment will be met with severe disciplinary actions by The Furst State administration, up to and including removal from an event and restricting attendance to future Furst State events, as per our Standards of Conduct.

We understand that the furry fandom is an affectionate one, and for most furries the handshake has been replaced by the hug. We're a friendly bunch; hugging and nuzzles are common sights at the Delaware Furbowl. However, attendees need to keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with affectionate touching, and you should never touch someone inappropriately without consent. This includes fursuiters and any other costumers.

In response to this incident, we will have a Delaware Furbowl staff member dedicated to security to ensure everyone is safe and having a good time.

If you are being harassed inappropriately at the Delaware Furbowl or any Furst State event, come to a staff member immediately so we can handle the situation.

If you see someone being bothered in an inappropriate manner, step in and say something. The Delaware Furbowl and The Furst State relies on it's community for keeping the event safe for everyone.

We want the Delaware Furbowl to be fun and furry, but safety for the attendees is our number one priority.

- The Furst State Administration